Your value is undeniable.


Project NorthStar

Project NorthStar is a 3-day tech conference that provides connections, education, and opportunities for current or aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals from the Black and Latinx community. 

If you are currently building a tech startup, aspiring to build one soon, or looking to level up your life with a career in tech, this is for you. 




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Make Connections. Make Money.

Your value is undeniable. Learn how technology can translate it into $$$.



Project NorthStar is meant to increase the participation of Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy, which offers a great opportunity to create and grow wealth today.

The key to a thriving economic future in America is enabling tech innovation in ways that everyone can participate.


Our Goals

Project NorthStar will feature talks, panels, workshops, office hours, mock interviews, activations and networking sessions curated for the Black & Latinx community. We're here to teach, empower and connect.


Goal #1

Help entrepreneurs understand how to cultivate sustainable, cash-flow positive businesses.

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Goal #2

Expand the skills and networks of talented workers and youth that will diversify the tech workforce.


Goal #3

Establish partnerships and programs that will continue progress for entrepreneurs and workers of color beyond the event.


We mean business.

Come to NorthStar ready to put in that WORK.



This conference is being organized by Black & Brown Founders (BBF), in partnership with the City of Philadelphia. We are working together to establish a framework that helps people with modest resources create a path to economic security.

BBF has organized four major events, and 100% of surveyed participants said they would attend another Black & Brown Founders event. Don't miss our biggest event yet.



“This conference was life changing, and really helped me in the direction I am taking my organization. I actually know what I have to do and how to do it.”

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 Featured Speakers

We’re bringing together a community hundreds of people: founders, professionals, investors, innovators, ecosystem builders, changemakers, and influencers. Our speakers are subject matter experts in tech, finance, investment, law, marketing, growth, sales, product, engineering, workforce development, design, hiring and more.

Black & Brown Founders is known for crafting our programs around actionable advice and tactics that you can start implementing immediately, especially when you're cash-strapped. We'll keep adding to our lineup, but here's a few folks you'll see at NorthStar.