Project NorthStar kicks off to be a guiding light for tech jobs

Project NorthStar, a new three-day technology conference in Philadelphia, kicked off on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at 2300 Arena. Developed to provide connections, education, and opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as to close the wealth gap in the Black and Latino communities, Mayor Jim Kenney was on hand to launch what will become an annual event by Black & Brown Founders and the City of Philadelphia.

The day's events focused on "The Innovation, Funding and Launching Startups" for current and aspiring entrepreneurs with guest speakers including Aniyia Williams, executive director, Black & Brown Founders, Deldelp Medina, director of research and strategy at Black & Brown Founders, Francisco Garcia, director of business development, innovation and technology for the City of Philadelphia, Councilman Allan Domb, and Kenney, who was discussed Project NorthStar as a guiding light for attendees.

Presenting the opening remarks for this inaugural event, Kenney spoke of the City's efforts to reduce the poverty rate through Project NorthStar. “The jobs that are going to be created in the next decade, 20 years or 30 years from now are all going to be in tech and innovation,” he said. “Unless all of our folks throughout the city have access to the skills necessary to compete in those fields and the advice and information necessary to begin to startup their own businesses, we’re never going to do anything about poverty in the city."

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Syreeta Martin